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Wedding Designer

žThe business is  committed to helping you create your dream wedding. We are here to help bring your ideas to life, not to tell you how your wedding should be. We focus on unique weddings, not carbon copies.


žAfter graduating from college in 1999 with the first degree in Nursing, the business began in 2000 when weddings were planned as a hobby to friends from college that were engaged. 


žThen, the consultant became engaged and "Experienced Royalty on Her Special Day."  She wanted other women to experience the feeling that she had  on her special day.


žHer husband then named the business as a joke to the services provided. People began to comment on the weddings and how beneficial the services were for no fee and was later advised through a Pastor to began a fee for service business because the service was a gift from God to use as a stream of income.


In 2008, the Bridal Consultant entered Penn Foster school of Bridal Studies where she completed her Certificate as a Licensed Wedding Planner and is a past member of the American  Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC).

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